Why You Should Use PDF at the Workplace

There are multiple different file formats that are used across multiple industries and business departments. Depending on how many company headquarters you visit, you might find numerous file format solutions used for office related work. While there will be people arguing in favor of formats such as Word, there is no question about it: PDF is the way to go. Of course, you’re probably going to need more than just our word in order to switch to PDF, especially if you’re already comfortable and used to another format.

We keep that in mind and back up our claims with the rest of this article which contains enticing reasons for which you should at least give PDF a try. After all, there are many solutions for it like Soda PDF, letting you try out the format before committing.

Keeps the hard drive clean and isn’t a burden on storage

When you have to deal with a lot of files and data, your storage can deplete in a blink of an eye. That isn’t the case with PDF which tends to keep a very small size regardless of the contents of the file in question. This can be a very important perk to have in a business environment where you can’t afford to run out of space, especially during busy period of the year when you are always sending and receiving files.

Keeping the format authentic, a very important aspect

Especially in the business world, keeping the same formatting on the page of a document that is shared across multiple desks or even departments is very important. That can be a hell of a task with programs like Word and its associated format, and sometimes you just can’t keep the format.

The file that you create and send out will look different on a colleague’s computer based on their personal settings and whatnot. With PDF, that’s not the case as documents maintain their original format. The document that you send out is exactly what other people will see when they open your file share.

A very popular solution worldwide

A file format that isn’t available or isn’t used in a foreign country where your business associates live for example can be a pretty big problem. That’s why PDF is so good, because it is very popular all around the globe. No matter where you go, people know about and use PDF, making it a very accessible and convenient format to use. No matter where you want to send a PDF file, the recipient will probably have the necessary software to open and view it, not to mention that today you can also view PDFs online for free, making it even easier for those that are new to the format.


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